Equestrian Properties for Sale

If you’re looking for majestic estates or even small horse farms for sale, horse property in Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina is some of the most beautiful real estate in the country. Maybe you’re looking for equestrian properties with access to protected riding trails, state-of-the-art stables, custom arenas and a comfortable, country home. Whether you ride dressage, stadium jumping or prefer a leisurely stroll in the woods, Tryon Horse Country offers unmatched options for large and small horse farms for sale in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

Realtor, Libbie Johnson of Tryon, has a lifetime of experience with horses and horse properties and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that knows Tryon Horse Country better. She puts that knowledge and expertise to work connecting discerning buyers and sellers.

The beautiful rolling hills of Western North Carolina and proximity to the Tryon International Equestrian Center make Tryon and the surrounding cities the perfect location for horse properties. That’s why there are so many horse properties in the region. Click here to see Libbie’s list of Frequently Asked Questions about equestrian properties in Tryon Horse Country.

Looking for an Equestrian Property for sale in North Carolina or South Carolina? Here are the listing available right now:

From large equestrian properties to small horse farms for sale, here are a few questions you need to ask

When searching for an equestrian property, it’s not long before buyers realize that purchasing an equestrian property as a business venture or a small horse farm is a lot different from buying a single-family home. You need a seasoned professional — one with hands-on equestrian experience — to show you all the horse properties in Western NC and help you make the right decisions for your equestrian goals. 


  • How much acreage do you realistically need for the number of horses you plan to house? 
  • What type of barn is suited for your equine needs? 
  • Do you require an arena and if so, what kind? 
  • Does your horse farm’s address allow you to join the trail system?
  • Does the horse farm come with conservation easements? 


All of these considerations and more come into play when choosing the perfect equestrian property or horse farm. 


Call Tryon realtor, Libbie Johnson today at 828-817-3753 to view the best selection of equestrian properties for sale in Western North Carolina.

FAQs about Equestrian Properties and Tryon Horse Country

Q:  What makes Tryon Horse Country properties so appealing?
A:   For more than a century, equestrians have bought horse properties in Tryon and the surrounding areas. When looking for a place to relocate a horse business or start a new one, many horse enthusiasts know the importance of living in an established equestrian culture. Tryon Horse Country has world-class vets, farriers, barn builders, trainers, and an international show facility, Tryon International Equestrian Center. Simply put, this region has everything your horse will need. What about you? The mild climate in our beautiful foothills allows for year-round riding and some of the most beautiful trails you’ve ever set a hoof on. If you’re familiar with Tryon Horse Country, then you know how beautiful the landscape is here. If you’re not familiar with this area, but are interested in properties for sale, horse properties in the Tryon area are stunning. 

Q:  I ride western.  Is the horse culture all English riding?
A:   Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on have a wide variety of riding interests here.

Q:  How do the equestrian properties here compare with other horse communities in affordability?
A:  Tryon is one of the more affordable of the country’s established horse communities. According to BestPlaces.net, Tryon’s cost of living is 4.3% below the national average with the median home cost at $33,200 less than the national average.

Q:  Does your area have large-scale horse barns?
A:   We do not have the 60+ stalls that racing or some other pursuits require, however we have a range of barns, stables, and equestrian facilities here from small to large. 

Q:  Does Tryon have good equine vets?
A:  Absolutely. We have independent mobile vets and a surgical equine hospital with MRI capabilities. We also have vets with a range of specialties. We are also proud of our  equine ambulance, sponsored by the community.

Q:  Are there good horse trainers in Tryon?
A:  Yes. Tryon is a destination for many experienced horse trainers who want to take advantage of 3 competition venues. We have globally recognized trainers in almost all disciplines.

Q: Are there any advantages to buying a horse property in North Carolina over buying in South Carolina?
A: There is little difference in horse properties in the two states. And there is not much difference in costs of living in the two states (what you win on one expense, you lose on another, so it basically it is a wash) however, that said, South Carolina is a little better on retirement income.

Q: You are showing listings of horse properties for sale in South Carolina, but you live in North Carolina. Are you also a realtor for South Carolina?
A: Yes. Our area consists of two states, three counties (Polk County NC, Greenville County SC, Spartanburg County, SC) and four towns (Tryon, Columbus, Saluda, and Landrum). We are one economic area with one Chamber of Commerce that covers both states. Being licensed in both states is a must for Tryon Horse Country.

Q: Does Tryon Horse Country include horse properties in South Carolina?
A:Yes. Tryon Horse Country covers a large swath of the foothills, from Asheville to Greenville. However, it is generally agreed that the heart of Horse Country is Polk and northern Spartanburg and Greenville counties.

Q: I am looking for a horse property in North Carolina, but some have suggested South Carolina would be a better option. What do you think?
A: I encourage buyers to look on both sides of the line. The area is in close proximity to all the goods and services a horse owner needs. Let me show you what we have and hopefully you, the buyer, will find the farm or home of your dreams.